Coffee Chat with Adrian Creary

Hard to believe Adrian Creary is 24 years old when he speaks about his passion and profession, photography. Made in Jamaica Catalogue had a chat with Adrian about how he got started, where he’s headed and what advice he has for his peers. How did you get started in photography? It came unexpectedly. I was[…]

Conversation Piece

By Aiesha Panton Conversation Piece (CP) is a curated pop­up experience that celebrates the best Jamaican or Jamaica inspired­ artists and designers; meeting the need for fresh and inspiring experiences, that put Jamaican Art + Design on a world class stage, where it belongs. The first installation of CP was the 2011 HOLIDAY EDITION. Fresh[…]

My Travels with Bob Marley – Roger Steffens

  By Roger Steffens California was a very special place for Bob, especially the south, whose climate and flora Marley felt were similar to Jamaica. I was lucky enough to catch a half-dozen of Bob’s California shows from ‘75-’79. Back in ‘75 Bob had a series of sold-out dates in San Francisco’s tiny Boarding House[…]

Only You Alone Can Free Your Mind: An Insight into the Life of Artist Laura Facey

by Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown Jamaican born Laura Facey is one of our country’s most inspirational artists. Her work reflects her belief that “Art can promote change and social transformation.” In the hills of the cool and beautiful St. Ann, this celebrated artist has created some of Jamaica’s most recognized pieces, which are unique in part[…]

Editor’s Picks of Useful Unconventional Souvenirs Made in Jamaica

 Giclee & Commodity Prints from Edible Icons As the daughter of a Jamaican mother raised in Canada, Lindz was among the Jamaican Diaspora, who had many fond memories of their child-hood. “They would talk of the ackee tree in their garden,” she says, “And almost every yard has a fruit tree, like breadfruit, which is part of the[…]