Land of Wood, Water and Healing

In the age of over-medication and pills for every ailment known to mankind, Jamaica offers something much more; something natural. One of the most brilliant gems in the Caribbean, Jamaica also known as Xaymaca by its Tainos descendants is commonly known as the land of ‘wood and water’. Breath-taking waterfalls and lush forest paired with[…]

diG into Jamaica!

Jamaica is much more than sand, sea and sun. It is a land of nearly three million people, with another four mil-lion or so around the world constantly keeping in touch. Jamaica is a pulsating, vibrant, land of knowledge, history and wisdom; that is, if you know where to look. If this is the Jamaica you seek,[…]

Olympic Greats & Greatness

  by Carole Beckford Although the Olympic Games are a multi-sport event, Jamaica has stamped its name in track and field. Jamaica has sent a team to every Summer Olympics held since 1948. Sixteen Games, fifty-five medals and the journey from London 1948 back to London 2012, has taken Brand Jamaica around the world. From[…]