Profile: Anna Ruth Henriques

By Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown “When I read that Leonardo da Vinci and I shared the same birthday (April 15th), I knew my fate was sealed,” Jamaican-born Anna Ruth Henriques revealed to Made in Jamaica Catalogue. “I was seven years old,” the artist, who loved drawing and painting from a very early age continued. Henriques followed[…]

Profile: Carly Cushnie

In a world that is fickle and fluid, Carly Cushnie has her feet planted firmly amongst fashion’s leading talents, defining a bold and sensual yet understated aesthetic for the modern woman. Cushnie, born and raised in London, England, by Jamaican parents, began her fashion journey at Parsons School of Design in Paris, before finishing at[…]

Editor’s Picks of Useful Unconventional Souvenirs Made in Jamaica

 Giclee & Commodity Prints from Edible Icons As the daughter of a Jamaican mother raised in Canada, Lindz was among the Jamaican Diaspora, who had many fond memories of their child-hood. “They would talk of the ackee tree in their garden,” she says, “And almost every yard has a fruit tree, like breadfruit, which is part of the[…]