Sound Systems: Pioneers of Jamaican Music

  by Deika Morrison Sound systems first became popular in the 1950s/60s in downtown Kingston. DJs would import foreign records to play on turntables with augmented sound through amplifiers and huge speaker boxes. Sound systems were big and profitable businesses employing, on average, fifteen people – music selectors, truck driver, engineers, men to lift speaker boxes[…]

The Business of Sport: Building A Brand

By Carole Beckford Athletes can no longer be satisfied with just displaying excellent performances in their respective sport-ing areas. In today’s world, they have to focus on building a brand – capturing the right opportunities at the right time and maximizing those opportunities for top earnings. Experts say that a professional athlete has an average[…]

Jamaica and the Penn Relays – A 50 Year Relationship

The track is in glorious condition. The athletes are fresh, well fed and excited for the day’s events. They look up proudly to see the Jamaican flag soaring alongside the flag of the United States of America. Are they at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica? No! These student athletes have travelled over 1,500 miles to[…]