diG into Jamaica!

Jamaica is much more than sand, sea and sun. It is a land of nearly three million people, with another four mil-lion or so around the world constantly keeping in touch. Jamaica is a pulsating, vibrant, land of knowledge, history and wisdom; that is, if you know where to look. If this is the Jamaica you seek, the place to start is diGJamaica.com.

diGJamaica.com is a free-to-use information website from The Gleaner Company Limited that brings you the ‘stuff behind the news’ – research, historical information, data & statistics and much more, to help you get the most out of today’s topical issues or find out more about our engaging past.

diGJamaica.com is modeled on the popular but now out-of-print Handbook of Jamaica and was The Gleaner’s gift to the nation on its Golden Jubilee in 2012. ‘diG’ stands for ‘digital information from The Gleaner,’ whose unequaled 180-year-old archive provides unique contextual information for current events.

The name is fitting because diGJamaica.com spends a lot of time ‘digging up’ information for you and also encourages you to ‘dig’ through the website for the details you need.

There is a wide variety of information intended to appeal to just about everyone. Students can use diGJamaica.com for academic research in areas such as history, civics and social studies, business and economics and more.

Any Jamaican, living here or in the Diaspora, can ‘dig up’ information on how to find a Justice of the Peace, register a business, adopt a child, “clear a barrel”, find education guides, scholarships and more.

Those with a specific interest in statistics will find the data section and IMF Special quite comprehensive and informative. The infographics and blog posts are designed to help you have a better understanding of what facts and figures really mean.

Regardless of who you are and where you’re from, diG-Jamaica.com has something for you. Information is presented in different formats to make your virtual journey interesting and engaging – text, photos, databases, static and motion charts, historical archives, slideshows, timelines and more.

diGJamaica.com’s most popular feature is the diGBlog, where dialogue about Jamaica is encouraged by helping users see the immediate relevance of the information on the site. The November 2013 Food Month special, 30 Recipes In 30 Days, generated a lot of buzz with features on traditional and more avant garde local fare – ackee soup, anyone? The February 2014 Reggae Month special, #idiGreggae, brought people together virtually across borders in celebration of the sweet sounds of the island.

Follow diGJamaica.com on twitter @digjamaica, on Instagram @digjamaica. Do you want to start diGging? Visit the website, www.digjamaica.com, and see what you can diG up.

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