Exceptional Entertainment Furniture

By Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown

Jamaicans love entertainment and, more importantly, we love to entertain. Sure, going to a local watering-hole with friends is part of what we do, but we like to stay at home and have people over for a beverage, or two! We take pride in our domains, and we like the place to look good. Luckily for us, there are numerous local crafts’ men and women who design, and make furniture and household accessories, such as placemats, coasters and hand-painted coffee mugs.

One such entrepreneur is Justin Samuda, who brought to Jamaican-lifestyle the American Adirondack chair, by refreshing it with over-sized armrests for drinks and his signature pineapple ‘cut-out’ in the backrest of this beautiful and practical lounge chair.

“We make the chairs out of local hard wood – teak or wild tamarind,” the owner of Ademke Group Ltd. told Made in Jamaica Catalogue. Finished off with a wood stain or water seal, the timber, which is sourced from lumber yards in Jamaica, will not become dry, nor brittle. However, Justin recommends that his clients, “give the chairs a light sand and reseal every six months, once they are left outside in the rain.” If well maintained, “the chairs, in a commercial environment, will still be great after ten years,” Justin added, speaking of the outdoor furniture, which he started making in 1994, that has stood the test of the last decade.

While individual customers tend to purchase a pair of the chairs at any one time, hotels such as Sandals will buy in bulk. “I like to think that we are giving support to Jamaica’s biggest earner – tourism,” the staunch nationalist, who has contracted a team of Jamaican craftsmen in Bog Walk, proudly spoke. Thanks to Sandals, Ademke furniture can also be found in most of our neighboring Caribbean nations – Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, St. Lucia and Grenada.

For more information on Adirondack Chairs and other out-side furniture, contact: Justin Samuda – justin@ademke.com