Famous Films

THTC poster whiteThis gritty, ground-breaking film, The Harder They Come, brought reggae music to the international stage, made Jimmy Cliff a star worldwide, and demonstrated that music and art can change the world.




Better Mus Come posterIn a timely and provocative production, Better Mus’ Come traces the origins of the use of street gangs by political parties in their violent struggle to win the national election.



Rise Up Poster

Rise Up travels to the heart of Jamaica – an island where reggae is considered the voice of the people – where three young aspiring artists seek to “rise up” into the legendary eminence of their iconic predecessors.”



Ghett'a LifeGhett’a Life is an “against the odds” action drama set in a politically turbulent inner city community in Kingston, Jamaica. Derrick, a deter-mined teenager realises his dream of becoming a champion boxer despite a country, community and family torn by the divisive political system.