Sound Systems: Pioneers of Jamaican Music

  by Deika Morrison Sound systems first became popular in the 1950s/60s in downtown Kingston. DJs would import foreign records to play on turntables with augmented sound through amplifiers and huge speaker boxes. Sound systems were big and profitable businesses employing, on average, fifteen people – music selectors, truck driver, engineers, men to lift speaker boxes[…]

Land of Wood, Water and Healing

In the age of over-medication and pills for every ailment known to mankind, Jamaica offers something much more; something natural. One of the most brilliant gems in the Caribbean, Jamaica also known as Xaymaca by its Tainos descendants is commonly known as the land of ‘wood and water’. Breath-taking waterfalls and lush forest paired with[…]

A Perspective On The Future Of Business

by Roderick Gordon Jamaica is the home of some of the world’s most amazing talents. Just think of Usain Bolt – the fastest man in the world at 22; Barrington Irving – the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the globe at 23; and the young Bob Marley who made an indelible mark on the world with[…]

diG into Jamaica!

Jamaica is much more than sand, sea and sun. It is a land of nearly three million people, with another four mil-lion or so around the world constantly keeping in touch. Jamaica is a pulsating, vibrant, land of knowledge, history and wisdom; that is, if you know where to look. If this is the Jamaica you seek,[…]

Cyber Chat with Rochelle Thwaites: Nomino Makes Its Debut in the App World

Nomino is an app that was founded by three Jamaican friends living in Los Angeles – Rochelle Thwaites, designer, Talitha Watkins, marketing executive and Dule Hill, actor/producer.  Made in Jamaica Catalogue caught up with Rochelle Thwaites, CEO/Founder of Nomino, and asked her to share some insights about the Nomino App – what it is, why[…]

Profile: Anna Ruth Henriques

By Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown “When I read that Leonardo da Vinci and I shared the same birthday (April 15th), I knew my fate was sealed,” Jamaican-born Anna Ruth Henriques revealed to Made in Jamaica Catalogue. “I was seven years old,” the artist, who loved drawing and painting from a very early age continued. Henriques followed[…]

Profile: Carly Cushnie

In a world that is fickle and fluid, Carly Cushnie has her feet planted firmly amongst fashion’s leading talents, defining a bold and sensual yet understated aesthetic for the modern woman. Cushnie, born and raised in London, England, by Jamaican parents, began her fashion journey at Parsons School of Design in Paris, before finishing at[…]

The Harder They Come: A Treasured Piece of Cinematic History

By Ruth Chisholm 103 minutes of authenticity and artistry, The Harder They Come, directed by Perry Henzell and co-written by Trevor Rhone was released in 1972. It is the first full length feature film shot in Jamaica. The Harder They Come portrayed Jamaican life at the time in a real way. This was not palatable[…]

A Conversation with Shaggy: Gone Global – Shaggy’s Way

By Deika Morrison Leveraging technology to communicate across borders, Shaggy and I had a chat – him in New York on tour, me in Jamaica with my MacBook Pro – about his global career – past, present and future – as well insights he had to share for artists who want to go global. Without[…]

Coffee Chat with Adrian Creary

Hard to believe Adrian Creary is 24 years old when he speaks about his passion and profession, photography. Made in Jamaica Catalogue had a chat with Adrian about how he got started, where he’s headed and what advice he has for his peers. How did you get started in photography? It came unexpectedly. I was[…]