January 29, 2018


Made in Jamaica Catalogue showcases the best of Jamaica and Jamaican culture. World class Jamaican products and services are placed within the context of Jamaica’s unique competitive advantage in creativity and excellence, as exemplified by our world-renowned art, books, culture, fashion, film, music and sports.

Since our inaugural edition, we have highlighted our global powerhouse brands, icons, legends and our ever-expanding global footprint through our exports, the achievements of Jamaicans in the Diaspora and via fusion.


Creative Capital – Jamaica Catalogue Media Kit

In this edition, Creative Capital, we focus on the roots, the bedrock and the foundation of what makes our products and services so very unique and special – our creative capital.  We celebrate the magical phenomenon that is Jamaican culture.  Our objective is to help to increase the visibility of our immensely talented creatives and highlight the critical role that our creative sector plays in the global economy.

Across the world, authentic Jamaican culture is in high demand.  Just by being ourselves and doing what we do naturally, Jamaicans have inspired some of the biggest brands in the world.  Our vibes reverberate warmly from the Rock, across seas and borders, and in our communities across the world.  And when that isn’t enough, non-Jamaicans come to Jamaica to be infused with our energy for their own creations.

Our culture is capital.  And, for some, Jamaica is the creative capital of the world.

Special Features

  • Our Creative Ecosystem – what is it, who is in it, what supports it, and how Jamaicans can have everything work together to “monetize the magic” for the benefit of the creatives and the country as a whole.
  • Innovators, Movers and Shakers
    • established businesses being creative across the value chain from idea through production to marketing;
    • global non-Jamaican brands effortlessly infusing Jamaican culture;
    • the new generation of creatives keeping authentic Jamaican culture hot,
  • Experience Magic: Creative Spaces and Places causing a buzz in Jamaica and beyond our shores
    • the city of Kingston
    • the community of Treasure Beach
    • unique venues, events and experiences
  • Global Healing highlights our unique position for wellness tourism and nutraceuticals
  • Style and Shop has great gift and décor ideas featuring some of Jamaica’s most creative artisans


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