Coffee Chat with Adrian Creary

Hard to believe Adrian Creary is 24 years old when he speaks about his passion and profession, photography. Made in Jamaica Catalogue had a chat with Adrian about how he got started, where he’s headed and what advice he has for his peers. How did you get started in photography? It came unexpectedly. I was[…]

Conversation Piece

By Aiesha Panton Conversation Piece (CP) is a curated pop­up experience that celebrates the best Jamaican or Jamaica inspired­ artists and designers; meeting the need for fresh and inspiring experiences, that put Jamaican Art + Design on a world class stage, where it belongs. The first installation of CP was the 2011 HOLIDAY EDITION. Fresh[…]

Editor’s Picks of Useful Unconventional Souvenirs Made in Jamaica

 Giclee & Commodity Prints from Edible Icons As the daughter of a Jamaican mother raised in Canada, Lindz was among the Jamaican Diaspora, who had many fond memories of their child-hood. “They would talk of the ackee tree in their garden,” she says, “And almost every yard has a fruit tree, like breadfruit, which is part of the[…]