Kingston Kitchen: A New Way to Experience Food

By Leisha Wong For any food lover suffering from wanderlust, the market is a must-stop destination when in a new country. To know the food of a country is to know it’s people, and that most authentic experience is most often found in the markets. From fresh vegetables and herbs, fish and spice markets, to[…]

Hot Spots for Cool Fusion Dishes in Jamaica

By Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown Once only a necessity for survival, eating has become a form of entertainment, a pleasurable pastime that pretty much transcends every other form of fun. While Jamaican cuisine makes its way through the kitchens of the rest of the world, international fare is in full force on our home ground. Our[…]

Which Wine to Drink with Jamaican Food

By Christoper Reckord Describing Jamaican food is like reciting an adjustment of our national motto – “Out of Many One People”; with influences from every nationality that has inhabited our beloved country including the Spanish, British, Africans, Indian, Chinese and also the original inhabitants– the Tainos. While rum and beer have been the drinks of[…]

Cooking by the Book

By Kellie Magnus There’s no denying it: food and drink are an integral part of Jamaican culture. From our national dish, ackee and saltfish to our favourite Jamaican rum, Jamaicans love to celebrate with our stomachs. It’s no wonder then that books about Jamaican food and drink have been a popular staple in the island’s[…]

Market Days – The Jamaica Outdoor Market Circuit

by Leisha Wong   Around the world, market days are exploding in urban cities with farmer’s, vintage, flea, art, and craft market. While recently trendy overseas, markets in Jamaica have had a strong presence throughout history. From time immemorial, they have enabled farmers to live off the rich bounty of the island, and served as[…]