Conversation Piece

1. Work of Victoria Silvera, Touch by VLS

By Aiesha Panton

Conversation Piece (CP) is a curated pop­up experience that celebrates the best Jamaican or Jamaica inspired­ artists and designers; meeting the need for fresh and inspiring experiences, that put Jamaican Art + Design on a world class stage, where it belongs.

The first installation of CP was the 2011 HOLIDAY EDITION. Fresh off its third installation, the holiday edition is in the format of a pop­up luxury boutique at The Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston. Guests have the opportunity to shop for hidden gems from a curated selection of The Rock’s most inspiring artists.

CP directors Aiesha Panton, Creative Director at Pussback-foot, and Stephanie Campbell, Branding Expert of Half Way Tree Roots, came together to create the CP experience because of a shared passion for Jamaica, its culture, the beautiful things that are of Jamaica and the deep talent that lives in Jamaica.

2. Work of Dana Baugh, Baughaus

One of the main objectives of CP is to revere local artistic talent. To showcase them, in a way not often done, against the backdrop of a uniquely elegant atmosphere, for which their work is well suited.

CP is an intimate affair, where the designers are specially invited to be a part of the experience and guests are able to interact with them in a meaningful way. There is a focus on new talent while paying homage to the classic greats. CP designers hail from the disciplines of art, ceramics, food, fashion, photography, paper artistry and jewellry. So far, the CP experience has been in the format of a pop­ up shopping experience, but will soon also be enjoyed on other platforms such as lifestyle events, e­-commerce and popping up in other places to service the diaspora and other lovers of Jamaican culture.

3. Work of Dana Baugh, Baughaus

4. Work of Alia Orane, Aliamichele

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5. Work of Sara Hsia Hall, Nyamist

6. Work of Victoria Silvera, Touch by VLS